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Questions and answers about registration; 21.09.2009;
The registration on our website is very simple and it is FREE. It won´t take more than 5 minutes and You don´t have to know your client number! You can read below about all advantages You obtain by becoming a registered client.
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Monitoring of Lots; 12.03.2010;
Question: Your auction contains hundreds of lots, but I´m interested in only few of them. Unfortunately, this lots have very different auction numbers and constant listing between them is quite disturbing? Can You help me?

Answer: Yes. Please use our special function Monitor, which enable you to built up your "own catalogue" composed only from lots and items you are interested in. 
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Index of Interest; 09.07.2009;
Index of Interest just inform You about bidded lots. You should know that lots and items with golden index are in spotlight of many other bidding clients and customers.
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