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The number of registered web-visitors reached 1700. Thank all registered clients for confidence!
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Many clients often ask two questions.


    Question No.1
    Why is it profitable for me?
  • Client gets the access to his Myplace where is held History of Bids, History of Orders, Final Bid Sheets and all Invoices.
  • You can Monitor items in Auction.
  • There is saved all correspondence between client and the firm Burda Auction, s.r.o.
  • Suppliers can supervise their supplied items in the Auction and the Internet shop.
  • You can use the Watchdog in the shop.
  • Registered clients can enlarge all pictures in Auction, Shop and Archive.
  • Registered clients can download all pictures to their PC in three various resolutions.
  • You can't fill in the form with your post address before sending your bid or order. Registered clients can only Click.
  • Immediately after display of statement on the web you will find your invoice in your Myplace.
    Question No.2
    Why is it profitable for Burda Auction, s.r.o.?
  • Increase of credibility
    The Internet business is based on bilateral confidence between firm and clients.
  • Economy in communication
  • Fast service
    We individualy inform all auction clients includning unsuccessful clients about their results in the auction. Registered clients will find their invoice immediately after display of statement on the web on their Myplace and can print it in home printer.
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