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How to participate in the auction; 25.07.2014;
Our international public auctions with live bidding through internet are hold 3-4 times per year in our auction house in center of Prague. 

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Registration to burda|LIVE BIDDING; 13.04.2010;

Question: I am registered on Your website and I want to bid live through Burda Live Bidding. Do I have to register again?

Subquestion: I participated the last live bidding auction through Burda Live Bidding. Is still my registration for this auction valid?  

Answer: No. Everytime At least 24 hours before the new comming auction send us your request to access to our WebRoom application (Register to Burda Live Bidding). After being approved you will obtain confirmation e-mail (For each new auction You have to receive Your unique bidding number (same as in auction attended personally)). All registered clients who want to bid through Burda Live Bidding (from comfort place of their homes) must be Registered to Burda Live Bidding. Only this way our company Burda Auction, s.r.o. may prevent against anonymous bidders and derailing the public auction. Thank you for understanding.  

How to use burda|LIVE BIDDING application; 13.03.2012;

In 2008, Burda Auction baceme the first auction company in the Czech Republic to provide a fast and reliable means for bidders to connect and bid online in real time during the auction. With application burda|LIVE BIDDING you can bid live online via Internet as if you were personally attending the sale in our auction house in Prague. Our advanced reliable apllication enables to bid also from mobile devices.

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Simulator; 12.03.2010;

Question: I tried the burda|LIVE BIDDING Simulator and in the table in right down corner stayed the numbers of lots and prices which I bidded. Do I have to pay for this lots?

Answer: No, In any case! The burda|LIVE BIDDING Simulator is only the Demo-software in which You can try how our world-class platform for live-bidding works without any obligation! So please enjoy Your trial bidding without worries!  

Buyer´s Premium; 09.04.2010;

Question: I quite don´t understand your buyer´s premium. For example If I have a winning bid on stamp for 1000Kč, what is my final price?

Answer: Burda Auction, s.r.o. will charge the Buyer a commission of 19% of the winning bid (which consist of 15,7% commission of Burda Auction, s.r.o., plus value-added tax - VAT which applies only on 14,05% commission. Not from entire price!)). So If You have a winnig bid for 1000Kč, It´s real cost is 1170Kč + shipping and delivery costs (depend on weight an size of your lot).  

By shopping in our e-Shop You won´t be charged with any other commissions. The prices are final (except the shipping and delivery costs (depend on weight an size of Your lot))  

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