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Knowledge base / How to use burda|LIVE BIDDING application

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In 2008, Burda Auction baceme the first auction company in the Czech Republic to provide a fast and reliable means for bidders to connect and bid online in real time during the auction. With application burda|LIVE BIDDING you can bid live online via Internet as if you were personally attending the sale in our auction house in Prague. Our advanced reliable apllication enables to bid also from mobile devices.

Application burda|LIVE BIDDING


1. Image of current auction lot.

2. Current price (without commission).

3. Lot number according to the auction catalogue.

4. Current Winner
Shows the current winner:
- green "YOU" - You are the current highest bidder
- "ROOM" - live bidder in auction room
- symbol "Globe" - internet bidder but not "You"
- symbol "Sheet" - absentee bidder

5. Place Bid with current amount of next bid in Czech Crowns currency (CZK)

A button for placing "live" bids shows the next amount of bid according to the bid increments.

Time countdown below shows time limit for placing next bid by internet bidders.

6. Soundstream - enables to listen auctioneers in auction room in Prague during the auction (some latency may occur)

7. List of succesful won items:

8. Preview of following two auction lots according to the auction catalogue.

9. Advanced Setup - enables to setup sounds, displaying of images etc.

10. Description of current lot with starting price

You can also see these text:

  • Wait for confirmation.

    The auctioneer will confirm the winner in the room or he might be waiting for phone bids. The auction of current lot may continue. Please always wait until the next lot is displayed on the screen.

  • Withdrawn lot.

    Lot was withdrawn during the auction.

  • Your Lot. You can't bid it.

    You are the owner of the lot! Therefore you aren't allowed to bid.

  • System is bidding according to your absentee bids:

    Our system automatically secure that you can´t bid against your absentee bids placed before the live part of the auction. If your absentee bid is over-bidden you will be able to bid "live" again.

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