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The registration on our website is very simple and it is FREE. It won´t take more than 5 minutes and You don´t have to know your client number! You can read below about all advantages You obtain by becoming a registered client.

Why should I register? What advantages It can bring to me?


First of all the registration information provides the email address for online bid and purchase confirmations and the billing address for successful bidders and purchasers.
As a registered client You get access to your MyPlace section. It enables You to view the History of Bids, History of Orders, Final Bid Sheets, Invoices etc.
You will know, how your bids stand among other bidders during the running Mail Auction!
In your MyPlace section all correspondence with our company Burda Auction, s.r.o. is preserved.
Suppliers gain quick overview about marketability of their lots in auctions or e-shop.
As a registered client You can set up Watchdog (e-Shop). This special function will notify You when new lots and items of your chosen category of interest will be added to our e-Shop!
As a registered client You can view every lots of auctions and e-Shop in high resolution images! You can also download any images to Your own computer.
By registration You will save your time with Auction orders or e-Shop buying.
You won´t bother with filling the order form - All personal information will be prefilled. Your only concern will be to choose your items by one click and enjoying bidding or shopping with us!
Right after the publishing results of auction You will receive Your Invoice in MyPlace section and You will know if You are successful bidder and purchaser .
As a registered client You can use the company catalogue with all lots and items which were offered in auctions or e-shop by Burda Auction, s.r.o. and find out and check the real market prices too.
You can as well watch the process of packing Your bidded lots and items after closing auction or buying in our e-Shop.


Why is Burda Auction, s.r.o. so interested in registering their clients?

We hope that the registration highly increase trustworthiness.
Our company Burda Auction, s.r.o. is based on both-sides trust with our clients.
To build up trust between our company and customers and potentional clients is the highest priority for us.
Our websites provide our clients by high supervision of how we work.
We ignore anonymous bidders in auction or e-Shop. Burda Auction, s.r.o. don´t provide selling any lots or items to anonymous suppliers!
We save Your money by registration. Two-way communication by internet speed up solving any problems and enable us provide You with results of auctions in hours after closing sales!
Registered clients can download and print their invoices from MyPlace section.

If there is any problem with registration please contact us!

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