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1 - Auction number.
2 - Preview picture. Click here with your mouse pointer and new window will appear. There you can enlarge the picture, to have a look on the back side of the stamp, download the picture, ask for more pictures or e-mail us when the picture is wrong.

3 - Desription of auction item.
4 - Here fill in your bid in CZK - without space or point.
5 - Start price.
6 - Live price (The second highest + bid).
7 - Click here for listing of your favorite lots (You can find it in your Myplace).
8 - Our tip. In our opinion it is really good lot!
9 - Number of pictures (Click on picture and you'll see).
10 - Category of lot.
11 - AUTOTRANS (This lot has been translated by our automatic translation program).
12 - Link for AUTOTRANS legend.
13 - If the translation into English is wrong, you can ask for perfect translation ("manually").
14 - "FORWARD" you can e-mail to your friend about the interesting lot.
15 - Adjustment (see below).
16 - see No.7
17 - Index of Interest.
18 - Button for creation of your Bid Sheet (Don't forget your Bid Sheet send out! Click on link Bid Sheet).

Ways of Storage
 single lot of format A5
 A4 single lot of format A4
 A3v single lot of format A3 - vertically
 A3s single lot of format A3 - horizontally
 A0 folder of great format
 Z stockbook, book
 K box
 O5 envelope - format A5
 O4 envelope - format A4
 X atypical format

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