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Public Auction 55 / Accessories

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196809 / 1772 - Accessories / Used Accessories
[COLLECTIONS] comp. of 7 superb spiral stockbooks Leuchtturm with sheets and průhlednými plastic films for entires (mainly divided on/for middle, ca. 50 pcs of sheets on/for stockbook), 13 ring folder with kazetami in red-purple color; very good condition, nákupní price ca. 25.000CZK, ONLY PERSONAL PICKUP!
In cat.: Accessories / Used Accessories, U:IK
5 000 CZK
11 000 CZK
196610 / 1773 - Accessories / Used Accessories
STOCKBOOKS FOR ENTIRES comp. 10 pcs of stockbooks, from that 5 pcs of Italian new stockbooks MARINI Alfa 260 in/at úložných boxes, 5 pcs of common older, supplemented with 6 pcs of spiral album stockbooks Italian firm GBE in/at boxes incl. used album sheets MARINI foglio TRENTO; all good condition, placed in box IKEA, total 24Kg, ONLY PERSONAL PICKUP
In cat.: Accessories / Used Accessories, U:IK
1 500 CZK
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