Public Auction 69 / Burda Live Bidding - Simulator

burda|LIVE BIDDING lets you bid and buy as if you were in the saleroom.
Try out our burda|LIVE BIDDING Simulator and get familiar with easy handling of online bidding.

burda|LIVE BIDDING works by allowing registered bidders to place bids. Before bidding by internet for the first time, we recommend finding a sale running and watch the auction in progress. This will help you develop a feel for the sale tempo and bidding interface.

Don't rely only on internet! If you are interested in the lot we recommend you to send the bid in advance. During auction you can the lot just supervise.
Read the User Manual, please.
You can also participate in the auction by absentee bids (website, email, phone call, independent agents or personally in the saleroom).
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