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Question: I am registered on Your website and I want to bid live through Burda Live Bidding. Do I have to register again?

Subquestion: I participated the last live bidding auction through Burda Live Bidding. Is still my registration for this auction valid?  

Answer: No. Everytime At least 24 hours before the new comming auction send us your request to access to our WebRoom application (Register to Burda Live Bidding). After being approved you will obtain confirmation e-mail (For each new auction You have to receive Your unique bidding number (same as in auction attended personally)). All registered clients who want to bid through Burda Live Bidding (from comfort place of their homes) must be Registered to Burda Live Bidding. Only this way our company Burda Auction, s.r.o. may prevent against anonymous bidders and derailing the public auction. Thank you for understanding.  

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