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The largest stamp auction house in the Czech Republic

Since 2006 the name of Burda Auction has stood for excelent auctions in the Czech Republic. With its professionalism, quality, competence and first class services, Burda Auction become the leading auction house in the Czech Republic and a strong player on the philatelic market in the central Europe. Currently the largest Czech stamp auction benefits from vast experience gained from cooperation with important foreign vendors, famous auction houses and also from participations on many philatelic events and fairs.

With excellent knowledge of the market Burda Auction provides outstanding services for all buyers, collectors and vendors alike. Just as top results of the sales have brought the Czech´s largest stamp auction house hundreds of satisfied customers. The company focuses on classic philately with wonderful selection of world rarities as well as on fine items of the Czechoslovak philately and postal history, and other collectors domains such as banknotes, coins, autographs, medals etc.

As the first auction company in the Czech Republic, Burda Auction developed a unique, reliable and fast platform - WebRoom enabling online live bidding during public auctions, which are held three times a year in the center of the capital city Prague.

Burda Auction is committed to continuously improving its services and paying professional attention to all customers.

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