About us & Contacts

About us & Contacts

The best results with Burda Auction

Exclusive catalogues for special collections:
All great collections deserve special presentation! Burda Auction possesses the right know-how, skills and experience for creating special edition of catalogues. We put emphasis on high quality and professional lot description, extensive and effective advertising and give our work the best form for succesful sale and the best results.


  • contact us by phone or e-mail, describe your collection
  • make an appointment to bring items to our office in Prague
  • we will appraise your collection for free and we will discuss value and your options
  • send us your consignment by mail of at least 1.000 starting price following a prior arrangement
  • a transportation by PPL service can be arranged, all parcels are insured
  • because of the costs involved, the consignments with market value below 1.000 cannot be accepted

The best results with Burda auction:

  • excellent international public auctions in Prague with online live bidding via WebRoom, success in sales over 70%
  • large worldwide clientele from more than 120 countries
  • full and accurate professional lot descriptions, all lots are displayed on website in high resolution, translation to English language
  • list of lot description with starting prices are sent as soon as possible
  • attractive presentation of all lots, detailed descriptions made by skilled specialists
  • full colored catalogues with many images, online presentation of entire auction catalogue on global philatelic market, USA, Germany, Belgium etc.
  • results posted online immediately after the close of each auction
  • all accounts are settled within 35 working days following a completion of each auction
  • commissions for agents for succesful consignment or sale, finders fee
  • extraordinary collections can be paid in advance

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you.