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5 000 CZK
216804 - 1920-1938 [COLLECTIONS]   COMMEMORATIVE POSTMARKS  small col
1920-1938 [COLLECTIONS] COMMEMORATIVE POSTMARKS small collection special postmark on letters, postcards and memorial/special pages, contains i.a. card with additional-printing and special postmark BOHUMÍN / ŽUPNÍ FESTIVAL "MACCABI", Us card with additional-printing and PRŽILINA / II. FESTIVAL MACCABI + commemorative sheet 9 pcs of copy-print same special postmark, Us letter with special postmark BÁNSKÁ BYSTRICA / II. SLETOVÉ ZIMNÉ TESTER MACCABI, Us Ppc and p.stat letter-card with special postmark KARLOVY VARY/ XII. CONGRESS SIONISTICKÝ and other postmark incl. oranžových AUTOPOŠTY, mainly placed on free album sheets with descriptions; good condition, estate from abroad
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Sold: : 5 000 CZK