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Public Auction 56 / Revenues

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198637 / 1868 - Revenues
1919 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1918-39 / DAŃ ZE ZÁPALEK, vertical strip of 4 10h stamp. in red color on yellow paper with gum, Koř.ZA5.
In cat.: Revenues, U:A5
300 CZK
900 CZK
198258 / 1869 - Revenues
1779-1850 [COLLECTIONS] AUSTRIA-HUNGARY / NEWSPAPER MARKS big collection - exhibit on/for whole newspapers and cut squares, on 113 album sheets, contains total more than 110 pcs of whole newspapers or their/its titulních sides, supplemented with TESTER as 260 pcs of cut-squares or cuts with signetes, mostly first prints from controll blank forms, supplemented with also about/by two tituly Krameriovy Prague poštovské newspaper with first rarest signetes, 1x 1 Kr without marking from year 1790 and 1x 1/2Kr with mark Z-S, supplemented with lot of other nejstarších titulů as Úterní Prague poštovské newspaper from year 1755, Brünner (Brno) Zeitung from year 1779, signetes Kontrollstempel - Brno, Frývaldov, Opava, Teplice, Prague, Cheb, Karlové Vary, Marianské Spa etc.., with důrazem on/for Prague and jihočeské tituly; placed in 2 boxes on/for album sheets, obsáhlý exhibit big collector and vystavovatele Pankráce Zajíčka
In cat.: Revenues, U:Z
15 000 CZK
86 000 CZK

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