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Public Auction 56 / Philately / Czech lands (Accumulations)

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199555 / 1862 - Philately / Czech lands (Accumulations)
1900-2000 [COLLECTIONS] big accumulation thousands pieces entires in/at filled Ikea box, contains Czechoslovakia I., CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1945-92., Protectorate, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and other abroad, prevails period CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1945-92., i.a. part provisory 1945-1946, memorial postmark, R, Ex philatelically franked entires, personal also commercial correspondence, supplemented with lot of entires CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1918-39 and BOHEMIA-MORAVIA; estate of dealer, suitable to other elaboration, ONLY PERSONAL PICKUP
In cat.: Philately / Czech lands (Accumulations), U:IK
3 000 CZK
6 500 CZK

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