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8 500 CZK
209611 - 1941 airmail letter sent from Sudetenland to Spanish frankis
1941 airmail letter sent from Sudetenland to Spanish frankistického concentration camp Miranda de Ebro (where was/were vězněno much Czechosl. vlastenců, which/what with chtěli dostat through/over Spain, Gibraltar to England, i.a. also pilot RAF F. Fajtl), with 10 and 20Pf Hindenburg + 30Pf A. Hitler, CDS MÄRISCH SCHÖNBERG/ 25.10.41, Us German and Spanish censorship, oval pmk censorship SAN SEBASTIAN, on reverse arrival postmark MIRANDA DE EBRO/ 6.Nov.41, several by hand written notices i.a. name Anthony Jonas, Lisbon etc.., consequently supplemented with arrival frame cancel. CZECHOSL. FIELD POST/ 9.Dec.1941 on both sides; open from 3 sides, tearing in margins, signs of usage, after all quite unique document/attribut!
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3 000 CZK
209612 - 1943 airmail letter sent via Brit. field post to London on/f
1943 airmail letter sent via Brit. field post to London on/for major. Francis Rosenfeldera (působil in Czechosl jednotkách in France, V. Britain also USSR) on/for Department of Defense Czechosl. exile governance, franked with. Indian stamp. 8AS, CDS F.P.O. No.103/ 6. Nov.43, supplemented with frame cancel. "CENSUROVANO/ CZECHOSL. VOJENSKY ZMOCNENEC V IRANU" with signature, Us Brit. censorship; good condition, quite unique entire with superb print Czechosl. censor's postmark!
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6 500 CZK
209613 - 1940-1945 [COLLECTIONS]  exhibit  CZECHOSL. FIELD POST VE FR
1940-1945 [COLLECTIONS] exhibit CZECHOSL. FIELD POST VE FRANCII A ENGLAND collection 74 pcs of entires on album sheets with descriptions, contains mainly philatelically motivated envelope/-s and cards with commemorative postmarks Czechosl FP in France 8 pcs of and England 60 pcs of, cards, Un letters and postcard, commemorative sheets with special postmark, from that more than 14 pcs of really Us letters, from nichž major-part is sent to major. Francis Rosenfeldera, part cards with his signature, from various destinations as Iraq, Bahamy, USA, Canada, contains also Reg letter sent from Keni sent to minister John Masaryk; mainly very good condition
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Sold: : 6 500 CZK