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16 000 CZK
213768 - 1866 FERDINAND V. DOBROTIVÝ, Austrian emperor and Czech Kin
1866 FERDINAND V. "DOBROTIVÝ", Austrian emperor and Czech King (1793-1875, vládl in years 1835-1848), autograph FERDINANDUSS on/for certificate of present 200 dukátů on/for building church Trapistů in/at Maria-Wald in Germany, attached signature also his wife Mary Ann (princess Savojská), dated Prag 18. Janner 1866; perfect condition, signatures and manuscripty of Ferdinand V. are řádově rarer, then for example. from emperor Franz Joseph I.
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Sold: : 16 000 CZK
10 000 CZK
213861 - 1754 FRANCIS I. (1708-1765), emperor Holy Roman Empire, from
1754 FRANCIS I. (1708-1765), emperor Holy Roman Empire, from year 1736 manžel later Empress and Czech queen Maria Theresa (1740-1780), autograph "Franz" on/for posílacím sheet in German, addressed on/for count Lewis Hohenlohe Langenburg in věci sporů about/by inheritance in/at of family Löwenstein-Wertheim; nice in good condition condition incl. paper seals, his/her/its kontextem belongs to signatures Francis Stephen Lotrinského to/at for collectors favourite
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Sold: : 10 000 CZK
24 000 CZK
213823 - 1784 JOSEPH II. (1741–1790), Holy Roman Emperor, King of B
1784 JOSEPH II. (1741–1790), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia and Hungaria, son Maria Theresa, vládl in years 1780-1790; autograph "Joseph" on/for pergamenové document with big majestátní seal, text vztahující with to Czech zemím, přesněji to právům community Valeč (Waltsch) near Karlovy Vary; dated Wien (Vienna), 1784, supplemented with signatures Tobiase Philippa free pána von Gebler (1722-1786) and Joh. free pána von Margelik, exceedingly in good condition condition without proděravění, stains apod.!, in this status quite rare; signatures Joseph II and documents in the context of Czech zeměmi are for collectors very favourite and ceněné, extraordinary offer!
Starting price: 18 000 CZK +33,3 %
Sold: : 24 000 CZK
42 000 CZK
213825 - 1764 MARIA THERESA of Austria (1717–1780), římská empre
1764 MARIA THERESA of Austria (1717–1780), římská empress, Czech and Hungarian queen, handwritten whole signature in/at konfirmační 7 stránkové book on parchment, it is confirmation older Rights and svobod udělených městečku Valeč (near Karlovy Vary) Czech králem Vladislavem Jagellonským in 1514, supplemented with about/by signature count Rudolf Chotka from Chotkova and Vojnína (1706-1771), the highest kancléř of Kingdom of Bohemia, imperial secret council and member Order golden rouna; attached great imperial seal in/at box, overall very good and in good condition condition, pergamenové sheets without proděravění etc..; extraordinary historical document, rare offer!
Starting price: 12 000 CZK +250,0 %
Sold: : 42 000 CZK
600 CZK
213801 - 1934 SCHWARZENBERG Charles VI. (1911-1986), Czech nobleman,
1934 SCHWARZENBERG Charles VI. (1911-1986), Czech nobleman, heraldik and writer, handwritten written thanks for wish, incl. envelope/-s; good condition, interesting text
Starting price: 500 CZK +20,0 %
Sold: : 600 CZK