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Public Auction 57 / Philately

Public Auction 57 - aukční katalog

Closing date:
18. MAY 2018

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Exchange rates of our firm:
 1 EUR =  25 CZK
 1 USD =  21.5 CZK
Dear clients,

our May Public Auction 57 is now online and opened for bidding.

The auction will be held at our auction house on SATURDAY, MAY 19.

This auction comprises more than 2.200 very interesting and rare single lots of mainly stamps and postal history, also many collections and accumulations.

We are looking forward to meet you during the auction.
Richard Burda and team

(only Czech language)

sign_info This auction is archived, you cannot bid or buy items from this auction!

Public Auction 58 is currently running, you can find items like this there and bid!

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16.10.2018 16:20
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