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Collectors section / Buyers

Prestigious and the most attended stamp auctions in the Czech Republic

  • excellent international public auctions in Prague with online live bidding via WebRoom
  • the largest offer of worldwide classic stamps and postal history in the central Europe
  • outstanding offer of Czechoslovak stamps and postal history
  • rare items from other domains such as banknotes, coins, autographs, medals etc.
  • viewing of lots before each auction in Prague
  • full and accurate professional lot description, all lots are displayed on website and in catalogues
  • professional fullcolored auction catalogues
  • WebRoom – unique first class software enabling online live bidding during public auctions
  • various options of bidding – absentee bids via website, e-mail, fax, written bids, telephone
  • bidding via company operator or auction agents
  • results posted online immediately after the close of each auction
  • current offers in e-shop, thousands of lots for fixed price, search engine
  • descreet and the most professional manners
  • personal pick-up of all items in Prague
  • first class customer service

Skilled specialists from Burda Auction are allways ready to consult your demands, give you good, solid professional advice and help you with building your own collections or with stamp investments.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

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